Paint Color in the Bathroom: Sea Glass or Olive Drab

Jake finished the back wall tiling last night! I was out on a girls night to see the Backstreet Boys concert (What?? It was awesome!) and when I came home he had just finished tiling the back wall. He also had started to attach the showerhead and faucets. It looks amazing! I don't have pictures to share just yet, but I will soon! We just need to finish grouting the two corner seams and attach the side pencils.

One thing we discussed last night, after I stopped jumping up and down and squeezing him with hugs in thankfulness, was the overall tile color. Like I mentioned before, with the natural stone, the colors vary so much. It was a light overall tone, and it's named Vanilla, after all. During the tiling process, Jake was concerned it would be too light, and we would need a darker paint color than I originally proposed- light green. He also wasn't too sure about the color green. I kept saying, it'll look good- I promise! Just wait. The paint is the very last thing we'll do, so we can worry about it later.  It became such a topic of conversation, I finally told him he could pick any paint color he wanted.

Bathroom mood board with copper sink, live edge vanity, oil rubbed bronze hardware, stacked stone tile, sea glass
Well, when we were gazing at it last night, he remarked how it was darker than he thought it would be. I asked him what color we were going to paint, and you know what he said? Green. Haha. I asked him what shade of green, and he said, "I don't know, maybe olive drab?"

Jake, being the Hunt part of Hunt & Home, loves olive drab. I think it reminds him of camo and nature, and he uses the color frequently on different hunting things.

Bathroom mood board with copper sink, live edge vanity, oil rubbed bronze hardware, stacked stone tile, olive drab

Olive Grove in the mood board above is great example of olive drab. I think I could get on board with this, as long as the paint had more green than brown in it. We also have a similar color as an accent in our dining room, below, which could be a happy compromise.

dark green on back of built ins

What do you think? Sea glass? Olive Drab? Dining room accent color? I'd love to hear your opinion!

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