Full Bathroom Mood Board, and Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, Texas is probably our most favorite place on Earth, besides our home. The landscape is so beautiful there that it's almost indescribable. Fredericksburg offers rolling hills, plateaus, abundant cacti, caverns, huge limestone and granite deposits, and so much more. If you've never been, take a second to Google "Fredericksburg, Tx natural features" and you'll see what I'm talking about.

We actually got our initial bathroom inspiration from a trip we took to our beloved Fredericksburg. Jake's sister and her husband rented this amazing house on a hill in Fredericksburg back in January 2008. The whole family stayed there for a week and we had so much fun. The house was designed in beautiful Texas hill country style inside and out: rockscaping, a mesquite pergola, outdoor shower, colors of nature, and a pebble stone shower. We loved that shower back in 2008 and it stuck with us ever since.

hunt and home visit fredericksburg
A scanned page from my scrapbook from this trip.

Jake and I have had a love affair with Fredericksburg as long for just about as long as we've been together. We love taking trips there and camping in the great outdoors-hiking, swimming, and exploring-, then going to the main strip to do a little shopping and eating of some delicious German food.

hunt and home visit fredericksburg

Our personal style is very reflective of that rustic, hill country look. We love a neutral palette, weathered wood, wrought iron, and the like.

hunt and home visit fredericksburg

When Jake and I initially started talking about renovating the bathroom, I created seven different mood boards to show him. I am a visual person and a creative, so it's easy for me to visualize things without a mood board. Jake, however, needs to see a picture of what I'm talking about before he can commit to a yes or no. I had different items on each, but only chose things I would be over the moon about. For example, I had a copper sink option or a ceramic vessel sink option. A painted vanity and a stained vanity. Stacked stone or pebble mosaic.

Anyway, as time has gone on, I always kept my eyes open anywhere I went. Bathrooms at restaurants, hotels, conference centers, stores- you name it I was observing it. We looked at the seven mood boards I created, and we narrowed it down to our favorites. This is what we came up with:

bathroom mood board copper sink live edge counter sea glass oil rubbed bronze stacked stone stained wood vanity

We looked at pebble mosaics, like the shower tile in Fredericksburg, and we also looked at stacked stone. In the end stacked stone won after we went out shopping for options. We think they are both beautiful, but ultimately loved the stacked stone much more. We also both knew we wanted a hammered copper sink. There is something just so striking to us with copper sinks. I remember one time when we went to a local restaurant with two of our best friends and I saw a copper sink in the ladies room. I ran back to the table and told Jake he had to check out the mens room immediately! When something like that sticks to you, it's meant for you.

As I shared before with the showerhead search, we ended up opting for an oil rubbed bronze faucet and showerhead. The oil rubbed bronze just looked so much better with the copper sink. And as I shared before, I have been in love with that faucet forever. I love the open spout, where you can see the water, and the handle reminds me of an oil well pump. Here in Texas, oil wells are something special and somewhat of a landmark item for us, so it just fits. It was an extra bonus that the showerhead had that same little oil pump handle, and the look of a rain showerhead. We also decided to go with a rustic style stained wood vanity. Our vanity is the only thing staying in the bathroom, as it is in good shape and suits our needs. We are planning on striping it and staining it similar to the one above. For our new countertop, we are planning on finding a live edge slab of wood, similar to the one pictured. And currently, we are thinking about a very light blueish-green on the walls, but that may or may not change. The colors and textures all are reminiscent of the hill country.

hunt and home visit fredericksburg
From a group friend trip in January 2014.

It perfectly reflects our style and reminds me of that trip and Fredericksburg. It has been and will continue to be one of our favorite places to visit. The items we selected echo that feeling, and reflects the nature there. It'll be so fun to have a piece of that in our home.

hunt and home visit fredericksburg

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