Hi Y'all! Thanks for stopping by Hunt & Home. In this blog you'll find posts about decorating, DIY, celebrations, cooking/baking, and more. Why Hunt & Home? My passion is creating a beautiful, welcoming, and comfortable home, and my husband Jake's is hunting. But it's more than that. I think that we have the ability and freedom to design our lives, and that is a hunt within itself.

Jake and I have been married about five years, and together over eight. We were actually middle school sweethearts! We have two dogs that we are so in love with, Charlie and Tex, and you'll see them from time to time. We are true Texans- born and raised- and it's in our blood. We wouldn't change it for the world.
8th Grade- Jake in the middle and me on the right

Jake and I bought our little brick ranch in Texas about five years ago, and we've had fun giving it some love ever since. We've made a bunch of minor and cosmetic updates, and we have now graduated to working on our first major renovation. We'll post about all of our processes in our adventures.


We've held many celebrations here, also, and I have fun creating a party atmosphere. I love creating unique tablescapes and party d├ęcor, so you'll see some of that as well. Also, food is the one of the most binding things in this life! Friends and family share memories while breaking bread, and I strive to become a better cook and find new and exciting recipes. Some of my favorites will be sprinkled in along the way.


Follow along with us to enjoy the journey- I know we will.

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