Full Bathroom Reno: Starting on the Opposite Side- Vanity Mirrors

Once the shower was complete, we shifted our focus to the other side of the bathroom. A lot of steps were taken, so this post will start to cover those briefly. Again, due to the baby on the way, I didn't document the process step by step, but I do have some photos to share.

This is what we started with:

Our original plan was to replace the mirrors, sink, and faucet (and make them into double sinks, faucets, and mirrors), but keep the vanity and pulls and repaint them. We had success in the past with painting built in cabinets and hardware, and were content to do that again. I debated keeping the large back mirror and framing it, and only removing the side mirror, but I decided I would prefer to add recessed medicine cabinets for more storage. I picked a beautiful simple arched version and mapped it on the mirrors to be sure before we removed them.

I first drew on the existing mirror with a window marker (a chalk pen would work as well, or dry erase marker) but I was having a hard time visualizing it. So, I measured and cut out the mirror shapes only from wrapping paper, so it would block the rest of the mirror. It was an interesting exercise, too, because Jake and I have nearly a foot in height difference, so where I would put the mirrors and where he would place the mirrors is totally different. Something to think about!

Ultimately, I decided I liked it and wanted to move forward. Besides them being more modern and updated, the main bonus was the storage. The medicine cabinets I chose were 5 inches deep, 24 inches wide, and 30 inches tall. Since we were moving to double sinks from a single sink, we would be losing our drawer storage space, and that could be replaced by the medicine cabinets.

Also, since we were ripping out the mirrors, that meant that we could easily install new electrical. I wanted to convert our single vanity light to a double vanity light, one over each sink, for more light and aesthetics. I also wanted to add an additional outlet to the right side of the vanity, as we only have one on the far left currently. The additional plug would help a lot for convenience and safety, since whoever (Jake usually) was using the far side sink would have to stretch a cord across two sinks for appliances.

We did go ahead and rip out the mirrors, and move forward with the electrical. I will post about that soon!

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