Full Bathroom Reno Day 17: How to Tape and Float Waterproof Sheetrock

We left off with all of the stacked stone tiling complete, but before we installed the finishing trim pieces of tile, we needed to float the sheetrock next to the tile.
waterproof sheetrock
We needed to float both sides- the side with the shower hardware to make an even surface, and the back side to make it flush with the existing sheetrock. We used joint compound and paper joint tape.
joint compound and joint tape

joint compund putty knife

The first step was to apply the joint compound over the sheetrock with a putty knife.

apply joint compound

Then, we smoothed the joint compound with a flat trowel. It would be ideal to use a squared or rectangular trowel for this, but we just used what we had.

smooth joint compound with putty knife
Then, we applied the joint tape over the smoothed joint compound. Be sure to apply it correct side up, or it will bubble and crease once it's dry.

joint tape

apply joint tape

Next, we applied more joint compound over the tape with a putty knife.

apply joint compound over joint tape

And finally, we smoothed that layer of joint compound, making sure to create an even surface.

smooth joint compound with putty knife

smooth joint compound with putty knife

Meanwhile, my sweet faithful pup stood by and watched. He's really been wondering what we're doing spending all of our time in the bathroom and not spending it sitting on the couch cuddling with him!


Doing this floats the area and creates a smooth and even work surface for us.

floated drywall
Next up, pencils. Then grouting the corners and sealing it. We're getting closer!

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