Baking: Mason Jar Shaped Cookies

Every year for Mother's and Father's Day, Jake and I always get a little something "from the dogs". Usually it's a cute card with a dog on it and a note from Tex and Charlie, and they sign it. In past, I've used ink and stamped their paw print on them, and Jake's drawn pictures of the boys. It's always something fun and silly.
mason jar cookies

I had a little extra dough from the beer shaped cookies, so I made Jake some cookies. He had to work when we celebrated Father's Day, so he didn't get any of those cookies. I left one at home for him, but I think someone couldn't help himself and ate it. (I'm looking at you, Tex.) So of course, Tex was apologetic and asked me to make some more.

mason jar shaped sugar cookie
One of my friends shares my love for mason jars and gifted me a mason jar cookie cutter some time ago as a thank you. I thought it would be fun to make cookies and say thanks for being an "a mason" dad! 

sugar cookie shaped like mason jar

This time, it was a lot easier to roll out the dough. I think I learned my lesson last time- you have to press down on the dough hard with the rolling pin bit by bit until it's mostly flattened, and then roll it out. So if you use this recipe, make sure to do that. All in all it was a happy ending, Jake loved his cookies and Tex was reprieved. That silly pup!

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