Full Bathroom Reno Day 13: How to Install Waterproof Sheetrock Next to Shower

We last left off after sharing the newly tiled back shower wall. I went in there to prep the next day for work, and I realized that we did not think forward to remove the thinset on the finishing edge of the tile. We plan to put pencils along the edge to tidy it up, but we need a flat surface to do that.

stacked stone tile shower
I simply worked with a screwdriver and hammer, like a chisel, to remove the excess. It wasn't incredibly easy, just a little time consuming and tedious, but I got it off.

stacked stone tile shower

Next, Jake measured and cut waterproof drywall for the uncovered areas. This once was all shower surround, but since we minimized the size of the tub down from the large Jacuzzi, I planned the new footprint of the tile to be smaller as well. Because of that, we needed to fill in the gap with sheetrock.

how to install waterproof sheetrock by shower

He installed it with screws, and caulked the seam with waterproof silicone.

how to caulk waterproof sheetrock by shower

caulk waterproof sheetrock shower

waterproof sheetrock shower

waterproof sheetrock cement board shower

He did this for both sides, even though just one is pictured here. Next step, tiling the other side wall! But for now, time to rest.

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