Full Bathroom Reno Day 3: How to Install Water Cutoff Valves and Replace Rotten Studs

The bathroom reno is moving right along! On day 3 of our renovation the first thing Jake did was install new cutoff valves for the pipes to the shower/bathtub.

how to install new water cutoff valves
This was a major success because this meant no more leaks! The coral buckets were no more. Remember me saying that in order to work on the pipes, we had to shut off the well and the entire water supply? That was because none of our pipes or plumbing had cutoff valves to simply shut off the water in certain locations. Also, in doing this, he fixed the leak.
The next thing he went to work on was fitting the tub/shower rough valve.
instal shower tub rough valve
To do this he used primer and PVC glue on both edges of the PVC pipe to secure it.
use primer and pvc glue for pvc pipe

prime and glue pvc shower pipe
install new cutoff valves in shower

prime and glue pvc pipe

how to line up pvc for valve

Then, my dad came over to take a look and see were we were at, and to help out of course. My dad is amazing- he can fix anything. Every single time we've had something break or go wrong in our house and we didn't know what to do, I called my dad. He has been able to walk us through or help with every problem we've encountered.
dad hunt and home
He looked at some of our studs, because we weren't sure if they needed to come out or not. The sheetrock we tore out had some mold on it and was soft, and two of our bottom baseboards were rotten. He said they definitely needed to come out and be replaced, and they worked on removing them together. While they were at it, they sent me out for a shop-vac, which is my new best friend.
new shop vac
This thing is incredible! Since we've had it, not only have we used it in the bathroom but I have vacuumed every floor in the house with it. The suction is unbelievable. Anyway, Jake took out the old studs by slicing them with a saw and pulling them out piece by piece. Then he went through and pulled out any remaining nails and scraped the floor to get it even.
how to replace rotten studs

how to replace rotten studs
I had purchased pressure treated 2x4s earlier just in case, and Jake cut them to size.
pressure treated 2x4s new studs
At this point, Jake's brother-in-law came over and helped move the new studs back into place. It sounded pretty difficult, due to the tight fit, but they got it done!
how to replace rotten studs

how to replace rotten studs
 I was very excited to have all of the problems fixed! Now we're able to start building from a new, blank, clean slate.
how to replace rotten studs
 Another day down, several more to go! I'm excited to see what this brings us.

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