A Tale of Four Showerheads

As you know, the showerhead/faucet hardware was the trigger to the timing of this entire renovation. It was dripping into the shower, it would no longer allow hot water to come out, and little did we know, it was also leaking into the wall.

dated bathroom before
When we originally created a plan for the bathroom, Jake wanted to go with nickel hardware. I was happy either way, with nickel or oil rubbed bronze, so I set out for a nickel showerhead. I did a bunch of research on showerheads available at Lowes and Home Depot, and I went to see them in store. We ended up with this one:

nickel showerhead

I loved the huge (7 inch!) rain showerhead and the sleek design. I also liked that it had the option of a matching faucet and other hardware, such as towel bars, etc.

However, when I was looking through my secret pinboard of all my faves, I kept being drawn to one (sink) faucet in particular. I showed it to Jake, and he loved it too. I've had that sink faucet pinned for over 2 years on my "Dream House Bathroom" pinboard. He said if I loved it that much, I should get it. Such a sweet man. So, that set me out to see if it had a matching showerhead, and sure enough they did. It wasn't available in any stores close to me, so I ordered it off Amazon, and returned the first one I bought.

nickel showerhead

The next thing I went to buy was my sinks and sink faucets. Again, they weren't available in any stores close to me, but they were available in a store about an hour or so away. I actually was already going somewhat that way for my niece's tadpole t-ball game (so cute!), so I planned to go after. Jake went with me to the game, but had another commitment on his side of the family, so my sweet parents took me from the game and Jake and I parted ways. When we got to the store, we picked up the sinks and headed over to look at the sink faucets. Unfortunately, when I held up the sink faucet to my sink, it just looked awful. The colors did not go, and it straight up looked bad. So, I purchased the oil rubbed bronze sink faucets, and had to return my nickel showerhead to Amazon. I ordered my oil rubbed bronze showerhead, and breathed a sigh of relief to finally be done with it.

oil rubbed bronze showerhead

I should mention that we were planning to change our tub + shower into a shower only, which is why none of these have tub faucets. However, Jake and I kept discussing it, and we really felt it would be better for resale value and the safer choice to go ahead and install a tub. So, back again went the third showerhead to Amazon to be returned, and the fourth and final showerhead was ordered.

I should mention, that while I was ordering the final showerhead, I realized there were two bronze options, Tuscan bronze and rustic bronze. (You can see the different in the photos.) Well, our sink faucets were rustic bronze, and I had ordered Tuscan bronze, so, I would have had to exchange it anyway. Lesson learned- don't get too excited to pay attention!

oil rubbed bronze showerhead and tub faucet

Whew. So here we are, four showerheads later, but happy as clams about our final choice. Isn't she a beauty? If all goes well, she should be up and installed and stylin' within a week or so!

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