Full Bathroom: Befores

When we bought our home almost five years ago, there were many things that needed to be updated. All in all, we loved it. Great location, amazing amount of land, and a house that we knew would be perfect with a little love. As it was our first home that we owned, we felt (and still feel) like some of the luckiest people on the Earth.

That being said, we have slowly been updating and personalizing our home bit by bit. We haven't done any major renovations, but we have done lots of cosmetic things and small (but huge!) changes.

We only have one full bathroom in our house, and it happens to be the guest bathroom as well. We use it constantly for getting ready, and our guests use it. It has served us well, but we have never really liked it. We didn't care for much in there at all really- the seashell sink, the weird faux marble counter and shower surround, gray faux marble Jacuzzi, or black granite step.

Also, there were many stains on the countertop, shower surround, tub, and sliding glass doors that I could not remove no matter the scrubbing or the products I used. Plus, the caulk was peeling, there were not even true baseboards in there- they were 1x4s- and the list goes on. I know gray is very popular and oh so trendy, but it's just not us. I can admire it very much in other people's houses, but I crave warmth and warm colors in my life and my home.

About two years ago, we did some minor changes in there- painted the walls, ceiling,  vanity, baseboards, accents, changed the light, and decorated it a little bit to make it more cohesive and tide us over. I'll show those before befores another time.

Doors already off here, but this helps see a clearer before picture.

Well, fate stepped in one day when I went to take a shower. I turned it on and let it warm up for a minute, as usual, and stepped in. It was ice cold. I thought that maybe I didn't let it warm up enough, so I waited another minute or so in the freezing water. No dice. I yelled to Jake that it wasn't warming up. He went to check the hot water heater, and I stepped out to check the sink's hot water. It was warm instantly. He came in to see what was wrong in the shower, and determined that the faucet handle was broken and we would need to get a new one. When we started talking about buying a new showerhead/faucet, he suggested that we go ahead and redo the entire bathroom while we were at it.

You can see all of the stains I was talking about here.

We always talked about renovating it completely, but never seriously until now. I went to work creating mood boards and ideas and sourcing items. I showed Jake my thoughts and we selected our favorites piece by piece. I have been purchasing items as I could get them, and we have been creating a tiny stockpile in our den. I'll show you our thoughts and choices soon.

We're excited to make this bathroom a little more us. It's so good to be home.

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