I haven't posted in quite a while for several reasons- the main one being that I'm pregnant! I'm 24 weeks and 3 days, currently.

Not the best quality picture, but it's our first picture with our first ultrasound while we were waiting to see the doctor. This is around 10 weeks.

Obviously, the pregnancy has taken over my life in more ways than one, which has had various effects on everything. The bathroom is still in progress, and getting closer all the time to completion. I can excitedly share that it's a boy (!!) and we are starting work in the nursery soon. The plans are already in place and some things have been purchased.

All of that being said, I have tons to post here on the blog, from bathroom progress, to other projects around the house, and of course tons of baby updates. I'm finally in a pretty good place so I plan to update the blog more frequently! Check back for all kinds of fun updates. It should be an amazing ride.

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